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TDA furniture proposal dedicated to all those who, with creativity and passion, decide to furnish and design their bathroom.
Products in materials and colors, constructive techniques, selection of accessories and modularity.
Elements that integrate natural stones with lacquers, resin traces, and colored washbasins combined with porcelain stoneware and melamine that wink at the resistant laminates.
Products that enhance the purity of a front side and the boldness of a handle, combining heights and depths to give the bathroom the harmony of proportion



unique elements and practical dimensions with a globalizing aesthetic thinking as a competitive factor to support a secure technical experience



they are the furniture series proposed by TDA to all those who like to buy according to a rational logic: seen, liked, bought, paid


they are the series of furniture proposed by TDA to all those who, with creativity and passion, decide to furnish their bathroom



is the constructive proposal dedicated to the laundry area in the depths of 50 and 65 cm. Adaptable sizes, original shapes, practical functions, pleasant finishes, and innovative materials are designed to ensure comfort in everyday actions with particular attention to the aesthetic factor



manufactured with a material rich in pure Italian calcareous rock combined with polyester resins and finished with a surface of colored gelcoat



bathroom furniture with measures dedicated to customized projects in response to any need for space



versatile and functional available in different sizes and openings, equipped with a particular arrangement that makes it easy to mount and wall installation. The usefulness of these elements, available in different finishes, helps solve space problems



they complete the furnishing proposal by meeting the individual and unique taste